This Vid of Foreigners Dancing to Maahi Ve Will Make Your Day

Bollywood dancing is becoming a cool dance trending across many countries worldwide. There is hardly any country in the world that has not heard of Bollywood dancing. On the occasion of World Dance Day, we talked to Kriti Sachdeva who teaches Bollywood Dancing in the UK.

bollywood dance foreigners

Here’s what she told us:

Bollywood Dancing Burns 550 Calories Per Hour!

One of the biggest reasons why people come to my Bollywood dance class is because it is the most fun way to workout. One Bollywood dance class burns 550 calories which is equal to walking for 4 kilometers and 6000 steps! I measured with Fitbit.

Anu Mallick’s Chunnari Chunnari is a Hit!

bollywwod dance pic

Ladies who come to my dance classes love dancing to ‘Chunnari Chunnari’ and we literally dance with chunnaris (scarves). It is amazing how many dance moves you can do using scarf as a prop!

More Foreigners than Indians

My classes have always had very few Indians for some reason. Most of my students are foreigners – ladies in the age group of 25-60. My oldest student is a 70-years-old great grandmother.

When the Mayor of Ely Danced to Bollywood Tunes

bollywwod dance in ely

My dance classes in Ely (a lovely town in the UK) got so famous that we organized a ‘Bollywood Dance Fair’ where even the Mayor flaunted some thumkas with us!

Here is a video from the Bollywood Dance Fair where you can see my students dancing on Maahi ve from Kal Ho Na Ho



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