OMG! This Drought Affected Village Never Faces Water-Scarcity Crisis

Hiware 1

Falling under the drought prone zone of Maharashtra, the village Hiware Bazar in Ahmednagar district fought all odds and emerged as a water conservator.

There was a time when Hiware Bazar faced major water scarcity but not until 1990 when the village used government funds to regenerate its natural resources. Soon the village had a system in place to conserve water. This system included rainwater harvesting, digging trenches around hills, afforestation and building percolation tanks.

The farmers in the village replaced excess water-absorbing sugarcane and bananas with vegetables, fruits and pulses that requires a lesser amount of water.


Having mentioned in PM Narendra Modi’s ‘Mann ki Baat’ programme, this village is self-sufficient and not a single household is below the poverty line. In fact, more than 60 families are millionaires here.

An alcohol free village, it surely sets a strong example for other parts of rural India.

Just wondering if they would let in an immigrant like me! Who wouldn’t want to stay in this village.


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