Diana Penty: From Playing Coy to Free-Spirited


Actress Diana Penty who was last seen as a sweet and mellow character Meera in Cocktail will be seen playing the character of a free spirited girl called Happy in her next film Happy Bhaag Jayegi.

Supermodel turned actress Diana Penty who made a sensational debut as Meera, a quintessential simple soft spoken Indian girl with traditional values in Cocktail seems to have ensured she surprises her fans and audience at large with her newest on-screen avatar. She plays the title role of Happy in Aanand L Rai’s Happy Bhaag Jayegi (HBJ). She is all set to prove to her fans that their wait to see her on screen is worthwhile with her over-the-top, bubbly character – Happy.

“Produced by Aanand Rai and directed by Mudazzar Aziz, HBJ will showcase a whole new Diana – a complete contrast to her character in Cocktail” says an insider source. “Happy is fun, talkative, loud and extrovert gal who’s not afraid to take risks and live life large. It’s evidently far from who Diana really is – an urban, cool yet sweet and soft spoken Parsi Catholic girl. What’s great is that despite the polarity, Diana is believed to have given a rather convincing performance and has earned a lot of praise from industrywallas who’ve got rushes of the film” elaborates the source.

It does seem like she has totally immersed herself in the character of Happy with élan and now it seems uncanny that her crew now associate her on screen persona with the real deal. Well done, Lady D!


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