One Mistake in First Episode of Game of Thrones Season 6 You Didn’t Notice

After a long wait of a year, Game of Thrones Season 6 is finally on air. All the excitement, the curiosity and butterflies have found justice with the smashing first episode of our most loved TV series.

But did you notice something which ‘if you use logic’ didn’t make sense? In one scene where Lord Tyrion and Varys walk around Meereen, they come across a wall that has the words “Kill the Masters. Mhysa is a Master.”


Well, what we understand so far is that the local people of Meereen don’t understand English. In fact Tyrion seems to be having a tough time to communicate with the locals. Then how come the words on the wall are in English? I’m sure the locals can’t write English either if they can’t speak!

Or is there someone from the Meereenese who is pretending not to know English but actually does. We surely will welcome another twist in GOT!


One thought on “One Mistake in First Episode of Game of Thrones Season 6 You Didn’t Notice

  1. patricksponaugle says:

    The show has consistently shown English writing, other than a letter in Valyrian that Talisa was writing in season 3. Season 4 was the first appearance of Kill the Masters as grafitti in Meereen, so it’s not a mistake in Season 6 (or at least, it’s a consistent mistake, established previously.)

    Now, if your point is that the Meereenese who would be likely to paint this only speak Valyrian, and therefore should be using Valyrian script instead of spelling out the Common Tongue (which English seems to default to) then I agree.

    The whole thing kind of reminds me of Brian having to write Romans Go Home in correct Latin in the movie Life of Brian.


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