Major Worry! Brazil’s Loopholes Flash Ahead of Rio Olympics


While the wait for the world’s biggest sports event, the Olympic Games, is shrinking as days pass by, Brazil is in serious worry now. So many factors have drowned into the country that hosting such a prestigious affair seems like a risk.

Economy at Stake!

With less than 100 days to go, Brazil’s economy is in a total fix. The Brazilian currency has lost 40% of its value as compared to the dollar. Moreover, 2016 will be the third consecutive year when the government couldn’t pay back creditors. This is the worst economic crisis that Brazil has faced since 1930s.

Dirty Water

Water bodies that will source the Olympic competitions are polluted with raw sewage. It is definitely not in a condition for athletes to use. Does that mean sailors and swimmers have to start wearing anti-pollution masks now?

The creepy Zika virus

The mosquito-borne disease Zika, which is transmitted from pregnant women to the fetus, has caught more than 1.5 million people in Brazil last year. WHO estimates an increase in Zika cases by the end of 2016.

Zika virus has already reduced Brazil tourism and with the upcoming Olympics, it is a serious concern. However, Brazil President Dilma Rousseff has announced that her government is working on a Zika virus vaccine.

Poor Infrastructure

Brazil is facing various infrastructural challenges like delayed stadium construction and transportation issues.

Brazil is working its ass out to sort its crisis situation and use this golden opportunity to play host to the grand Olympic Games. We just hope things go well on both sides of the court!


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