Hindu College Girls’ Hostel Finally! But Why Poke Fun on The Gender?

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Suranjana Das

How I wish there was a hostel for us too, when I was studying at Hindu College! We envied the boys enjoying their ‘privileges’ at the hostel with hardly any or no restrictions, a fine-looking hostel campus, and super delectable food. The best part was we girls could drop by at the pantry anytime to pamper our taste buds, especially the Sunday Biryani for lunch!

Now that a girls’ hostel is being planned, I just wish to go back to college. No, wait! Before we could express our joy, we hear about some unpleasant revelations. The fee structure of the women’s hostel is 3 times that of men’s. A sheer reflection of gender inequality!

To add to this, some weird rules and regulations?! Deadlines and more deadlines! By 8.30 pm girls have to be inside the hostel gates, 10 pm when they have to switch off the TV, 11 pm- they have to lock themselves inside the room!

My beloved college, please don’t do this to women! We are already crushed in the clichés of society. At least give us the liberty to be ourselves inside our college and hostel premises. After all, this is where we prepare to be leaders.



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