From Indira Gandhi to Narendra Modi, India Comes a Long Way at Madame Tussauds


Modi wax

PM Modi with his wax statue

Next week, PM Narendra Modi’s wax statue will be standing tall at Madame Tussauds, London. Modi will be the second Indian PM after Indira Gandhi to acquire this prestigious space.

Indira wax

Indira Gandhi wax statue

Three of Modi’s wax figures have been on display in Singapore, Hong Kong and Bangkok since 21st April.

Other noted Indian personalities who have their wax doubles in Madame Tussauds:

Gandhi wax

Mahatma Gandhi wax statue


Amitabh wax

Amitabh Bachchan with his wax statue


Aish wax

Aishwarya Rai with her wax statue


Madhuri wax

Madhuri Dixit with her wax statue


SRK wax

Shah Rukh Khan with his wax statue


Salman wax

Salman Khan with his wax statue


Sachin wax

Sachin Tendulkar with his wax statue


Kareena wax

Kareena Kapoor with her wax statue


Hrithik wax

Hrithik Roshan with his wax statue


Katrina wax

Katrina Kaif with her wax statue


This is a moment of pride for India! We wish to see more and more wax installations of Indians at Madame Tussauds.


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