Ban, Ban, Ban! Says India to Anything and Everything


After every kind of absurd bans, a new ban is on its way to an Indian city. Very soon, ‘short skirts’ will be banned from discotheques in Chandigarh.


In its weird policy Controlling of Places of Public Amusement 2016, the Chandigarh administration has listed down some ‘so called’ measurements to regulate the city’s night life. Not only skimpily dressed women are banned but even the timings of bars and clubs have been reduced by 2 hours.

Apparently, the logic behind this ban is that this party culture is polluting nationalism of the country.

In the past, India had initiated bizarre bans such as:

Porn Ban

Porn ban

Porn ban came in the wake of women’s security in the nation. The government banned pornography with the assumption that porn triggers sex crimes.

Hope that the politicians themselves have adhered to this ban!



‘Love in is the air’ doesn’t apply in India. Here, love should be in your bedroom. That’s the simple logic behind public display of affection (PDA) ban. Shocking but it’s the reality that many couples have been humiliated and even beaten up for showing their love in public. It’s not that they are having sex in the open but a simple kissing is a crime in India.



We call it ‘nature’s gift’ and the government calls it an offence, that’s LGBT for you! As a connotation to its age old cultural values, India refuses to accept that homosexuality is natural, under Section 377 of the Indian constitution.

BBC documentary ‘India’s Daughter’ Ban


The hideous crime that shamed the nation’s ethics towards women, it is sad that a documentary on in was banned in India. The entire country was shaken by the ‘Nirbhaya’ gang-rape case. Yet when it came to showing the world what really happened, India chose to hide away from reality.

These are just a few of the bans. There are so many more. Seems like we are going back in time and not ahead!


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