Kidnapped by Al Qaeda and Brutally Tortured! Meet Jakoub

Jakoub 1

“An ordinary man who fights an extra-ordinary battle” is the perfect introduction of 35 year old Algerian man Jakoub Rahmani! He was kidnapped by world’s biggest terrorist group Al Qaeda, and beaten and abused for days. The torture was so atrocious that Jakoub lost all his teeth.

With a love for food and a passion for baking, Jakoub is trying to overcome his traumatic experience and lead a normal life. But every time he smiles at the mirror, he is reminded of the hell he was dragged into.

Jakoub wants his teeth back and we wish the same for him!

In a similar incident, earlier this year an elderly Australian couple was abducted by Al Qaeda, in Burkina Faso, in Djibo, after four decades of humanitarian work in the war-affected country. The husband who is a doctor and his wife operated a 120-bed clinic treating the local population. They were released later.

Did Jakoub’s story touch your heart? If so, you can do your bit in bringing his smile back by donating now.



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