Will and Kate Bring Joy to Animals’ Lives in Kaziranga

The world heritage site by UNESCO, Kaziranga, was an important part of the 6-days India and Bhutan trip of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Will and Kate, as popularly known, made the most of their trip to the national park which hosts two-thirds of the world’s great one-horned rhinoceroses. They were welcomed with traditional Gamuchas (hand-woven Assamese shawls), and Bihu dance marked the celebration of their visit.

Will kate gamucha

On their jeep safari to the wildlife sanctuary, Will and Kate not only enjoyed watching various wild animals in their natural habitat but also went an extra mile in their compassion towards animals. They fed milk bottles to a bunch of orphaned elephants and rhinos. The animals drank every drop of milk out of hunger and the couple rubbed the animals’ in a comforting way while feeding.

Prince William and his wife who believe in wildlife conservation were also shown around the Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation (CWRC) that provides emergency care and rehabilitation for wild animals that have been injured, displaced or orphaned.

Kate will wildlife

Bidding adieu to the national park, Will and Kate painted the trunk of an elephant made of fiberglass. They were the first to paint which was part of a fundraising campaign ‘Elephant Parade India’ where 300 painted fiberglass elephants will be showcased around India.

will kate paint

Showing such love and passion towards the well-being of animals is commendable and we salute Will and Kate for this. We hope to see them again, this time with their kids!


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