Salman Khan Packs a Punch with Sultan Teaser

The crowd cheers, the drumbeats become louder, there is dust in the air and Sultan makes a dhamake daar entry inside the wrestling akhada. Salman Khan has never looked this hot in any of his films. No, we’re not being baised because it is Bhai. You can just look at all the social media posts and reviews so far, everyone is going crazy for Salman since the teaser went live.

Watch the trailer:

The rustic look and his moustache just go on to add to his sex appeal. Oh, let’s not miss the way he runs his hand through the moustache, it just raises the temperature.

This Yash Raj Film’s movie is set for release this Eid, which already means it’s going to rake in moolah at the box-office, making it another 300-crore film in Salman’s kitty.

We’re now waiting with baited breath to see what colours Anushka Sharma is going to add, as she is missing in the teaser.


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