10 Most Brutal Villains of Bollywood Who Still Give Us A Chill

The process of filmmaking has changed and so has the character-sketching but what will always remain memorable is the way our Bollywood villains were back then. Each one with his or her own characteristic smirk and laugh, the lust-craving call or even the killing style… it had its own charm! We go back in time to refresh some of the memories (and characters) who were made immortal by our actors.

1. Amjad Khan as Gabbar


As a child, we all have heard scary tales from our moms about how Gabbar will come if we don’t sleep. . The most convenient replacement of lullaby, mothers should thank Gabbar for his terror-like personality.

The dacoit played by veteran actor Amjad Khan in the classic film Sholay, Gabbar is a role we can’t imagine the film without. From cutting off noble man Thakur’s hands to asking the bubbly Basanti to dance on cut glasses in front of other dacoits, Gabbar does it all. His famous dialogue “Are O Sambah, kitne aadmi the” is still a hit.

2. Amrish Puri as Mogambo


Amrish Puri might have played many villainous roles but one character which is absolutely hard to forget is Mogambo.

‘Mogambo khush hua’ is one of the most popular dialogues of the 90s from the film Mr India. It was in the style Mogambo used to say it, tapping his fingers on his chair and showing off that wide smile.

A desire to conquer India but stopped by one person, Mr India in the film, Mogambo sure has conquered our hearts.

3. Ranjeet as the rapist


With over 150 rape scenes, Ranjeet is the on-screen king of rapes and no one has beaten his record yet.

His well-known dialogue “Itni mazedaar cheez bhagwan ke liye chhod doon? Kabhi nahi!” shows how badass this villain must be to bring sinister humour in the horrifying act of rape.

He is still remembered as the Bollywood rapist and even in his last film Housefull 2, Ranjeet plays a pervert father who can’t get off women, be of any age.

4. Pran as devious jijaji in Ram Aur Shyam


With over 350 films in his entire career, Pran has played a variety of characters, both the good and the bad guy. His mean guy roles have won him accolades and earned him the title “Villain of the Millennium.”

His most promising villainous role was as the evil brother-in-law in Ram Aur Shyam, where he atrociously abused and whipped his saala (his wife’s brother).

5. Prem Chopra


“Prem naam hai mera…Prem Chopra” – the devilish tone in which Prem Chopra said this line in the film Bobby, not just Dimple Kapadia but any girl would tremble in fear.

In the film, he plays a goon who kidnaps Bobby and her beau Raj for money and shows no mercy to Raj while beating him up.

6. Ajit as Lion and Shakaal


Ajit added life to his character in the film Kalicharan with his unique style and accent in which he introduced himself “Sara shahar mujhe Lion ke naam se jaanta hai”.

Another memorable role that Ajith played was of Shakaal in Yaadon ki Baraat. His two words “Mona Darling” has established a corner in history.

7. Lalita Pawar as the bitchy mother-in-law


No girl would wish for a mother-in-law like Lalita Pawar! I am talking about the on-screen wicked mother-in-law that she flawlessly plays.

As the saas in films, torturing her bahu is her ultimate aim in life and she finds pleasure in the tears of her daughter-in-law. Lalita Pawar has played the character so well that in reality a mean mother-in-law is referred to as Lalita Pawar.

8. Gulshan Grover as Bad Man


Bollywood’s Bad Man Gulshan Grover has made his benchmark in iniquitous roles like the notorious gangster Kesariya Vilayati in Ram Lakhan.

His acting skills are so promising that even in real life Gulshan Grover can ooze our bones with his bad man look.

9. Shakti Kapoor as Balma


We love him as a villain! Shakti Kapoor can go on from a cheesy woman-snatcher to the cute Crime Master Gogo. Each and every character has reserved a place in our memory lane.

As Balma in Chaalbaaz, Kapoor tries to forcefully ‘woo’ the unwilling Sridevi. His dialogue, “Mein ek nanha sa, pyara sa, chota sa bachcha hoon”, is his way of playing a kid even in a villainous role, which only he can do.

10. Ashutosh Rana as Gokul Pandit and Lajja Shankar Pandey


I couldn’t narrow down to one role and had to list down both the award-winning performances by Ashutosh Rana in Dushman and Sangharsh.

A psychopath is both the films, Ashutosh’s characters bring shivers to our nerves. In Dushman, he played the psychotic postman who rapes and murders twin sister played by Kajol.

In Sangharsh, he is the insane religious fanatic who believes that if he sacrifices children he will attain immortality.

Hats off to these perfectionists who, even in a negative role, can give strong competition to the heroes!


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