Shocking! These Celebs Have Diabetes. But Why?

sonam and fawad

It looks like diabetes has the whole world in its grip. According to estimates, more than 416 million people in the world have diabetes. That is almost like 1 in every 11 adults. Scary! The disease has not even spared the famous – many actors, models, politicians and even athletes (yes, athletes!)  have to battle diabetes.

Celebrities with Diabetes

tom hanks

Tom Hanks

Our Captain Phillips shocked millions around the word when he revealed on David Letterman Show that he has diabetes. Hanks blames it on movie roles that required drastic weight changes. He had to put on 14kgs for A League of Their Own and lose 23 kilos for Cast Away. Weight changes combined with a stressful life and consumption of sugary drinks and unhealthy food may have taken a toll on Hanks’ superstar body. The good news is that he claims to have it under control.


Sonam Kapoor

Sonam has come a long way from being FAT to FIT. However, her obese years have done some damage and made her more prone to developing diabetes. “I have insulin resistance because of PCOD”, Sonam has said in an interview. She has also been spotted at Jindal Health Camp in Bengaluru to get help with this condition. She is on medicine and maintains a healthy regime so we hope that the disease never gets to her. We love her way too much!

fawad khan

Fawad Khan

Fawad is Bollywood equivalent of McDreamy. But Sonam’s Khoobsorat co-star, Fawad Khan came under the grip of diabetes when he was merely 17 years old! He has been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes which is basically an auto-immune disorder and not entirely related to lifestyle and diet. Nothing to worry though. Fawad has not let this condition come in his way. He takes really good care of himself by eating healthy and working out in addition to taking the treatment.

Wondering what exactly is Diabetes?

Allow us to present a super simple explanation of this chronic disease: Diabetes is a disorder wherein the body either can’t make enough insulin (a hormone) or can’t use the insulin that is generated. Insulin is very important hormone made by pancreas to help glucose (aka sugar) get into the cells of our bodies. You’re in big trouble if glucose instead of getting into your cells to provide energy simply stays in your blood.

Experts agree that type 2 diabetes, where body can’t use the insulin to help carry glucose in the cells, is a largely a lifestyle disease. Whereas Type 1 diabetes is caused by disorder in body’s immune system.

We want you to stay healthy!

Tittle Tattle is soon going to do a series of blogs that reveal celeb health secrets so that you can follow and be healthy. Stay tuned until then.

Happy World Health Day!


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