First African American Female Cyclist Paddles Her Way to the Top

Road cyclist Ayesha McGowan definitely knows her goal in life – it’s not just being a champion in the sport but becoming the first African American professional female road cyclist. She strongly comes out to speak up for the campaign that cycling sport is not “white” and “elitist”.

Cycling has been perceived as a ‘white sport’ for ages. Historically, the reason behind this perception might be that cycling involves a lot of money in terms of equipments which the underprivileged immigrants could not afford. But in contemporary world, cycling is no more restricted to the stereotypes and has spread across the globe. McGowan is the living example of this breakthrough.

Last year, 28 year old McGowan took home the 2015 New York State Cat 3 road-race championship in only her second year of cycling career.

Currently based in San Francisco, McGowan is also a pre-school music teacher and the program director for the nonprofit InTandem which uses tandem bikes to provide riding opportunities to people with disabilities.

It is great to see McGowan make a difference and breaking all the boundaries.


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