Chutki is Outrageously Funny and Dangerous Too!

You don’t believe me? How rude!

You still don’t get it? Hainnnn!

OK, I won’t play with your mind further because that is Gaurav Gera a.k.a. Chutki’s job. Actor Gaurav Gera who has donned many avatars on Indian television is now seen playing the famous characters of Chutki and Shopkeeper on digital and social media platforms – Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Though he plays several characters in the video series; these two are now etched on everybody’s minds … and tongues. Yes, I say tongue because you will find fans making Dubsmash videos on these popular characters’ short funny conversations. Not just Dubsmash, I’ve come across many people mimicking them and coming up with their own jokes. OK, I want to confess; I am a part of this club too and I enjoy each video.

If you’re still thinking why I called Chutki dangerous, let me warn you in advance; do not watch these videos while you’re in middle of a meeting or attending a conference because you might just burst into a fit of laughter. Believe me, when I say this, it is due to a personal incident which turned into an awkward situation. So, please do not try this during official meetings.

Her weirdly applied lipstick and mismatching hair rubber-bands add extra tadka to Chutki’s humorous and hopeless romantic character. Her heart beats for the simpleton Shopkeeper, but she loves her boyfriend Suyash too! She wants her mom to listen to her problems, but the mom knows her daughter is crazy. With all these funny elements in her videos, Chutki is surely making her way into the hearts of people.

You can follow Chutki on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Here’s a compilation of some funny videos of Chutki. Share your thoughts by posting comments below.


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