True Stories We Wish Were April Fools’ Day Jokes

Sometimes Reality Pinches Too Hard, Better to Let It Go!


Celebrating the art of spreading smiles, April Fools’ Day is all about playing practical jokes and hoaxes. But how often do we wish to laugh at real life stories? Below are some events in India we wish were a joke:

India lost a winning match to West Indies!


Last night’s World T20 cricket match between India and West Indies was the biggest prank that the Almighty had played a day before April Fools’ Day. Sadly it wasn’t a joke but a sore truth!

I was already writing my piece on the victory of Indian cricket team, especially Virat Kohli’s marvelous performance. But during India’s fielding in the second innings, I had to continuously press the backspace button. India had a dreadful loss to West Indies with a target of 193 runs to which West Indies hit a smashing 196, thus leaving many Indian dreams to rubble.

All I could pray for, and I am sure all Indians must have prayed, was that “wish it was an April Fools’ joke.”

Shahid Kapoor is no more an eligible bachelor!


Bollywood heartthrob Shahid Kapoor is good at giving surprises but this time he shocked many young women by breaking their little hearts. He tied the knot with Delhi girl Mira Rajput in July last year.

Every girl wished it was a joke, an April Fools’ prank that they could have laughed at.

But the ‘Haider’ actor chose his lady love, his soul mate and he seems madly in love with the beautiful Mira. A sunshine couple indeed!

No love for homosexuals!


The Supreme Court passed a judgment under Section 377 of the India Penal Code which prohibits gay marriages in India. As unfair as it may sound, the LGBT segment of India won’t give up on their natural instincts and will fight till the end.

Falling in love is no crime; India needs to learn from the West. What’s a bitter reality of today, we wish it changes into a silly prank tomorrow.

The ‘Maggi ban’


“Maggi, Maggi, Maggi” – the name we all grew up hearing, the fun times we shared together and the commitment to never leave each other’s side.

The famous 2-minute noodle was banned for sometime after the presence of excessive lead was found in the Masala. The ban was unbearable for many of us who associate our childhood with Maggi. I could only wish it was a ‘not so funny’ prank.

Such a painful ban it was! The midnight snack, the trekking snack or the evening snack, call it anything, Maggi is back with a bang! And this time I wish to never let you disappear. I’ll keep you with me forever.

Got other true tales you wish were April Fools’ Day pranks? Share them with us below.


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