Jacqueline Fernandez Gives Us Some Serious Cat-titude Goals

Here’s Why We Think They’re Claw-some

OK! Enough of those puns. We can go on and on about them and we’re pretty sure you would too, when you see Miu Miu. Yes, that’s the name of Jacqueline’s cat and she is simply adorable.

An ardent animal lover and staunch PETA supporter, Jacqueline posts Miu Miu’s photos on her social networking pages, making her just as popular. Well, all we can say is with a companion like that who would not want to post photos, take selfies or even create Dubsmash videos.

Quick look at how Jacqueline’s day is like when she is with Miu Miu.

  1. When you fall in love

Source: Instagram/jacquelinef143

2. When it is World Animals Day


Source: Instagram/jacquelinef143

3. Reason you come back home


Source: Instagram/jacquelinef143

4. A Dubsmash video to cheer your friend


Source: Instagram/jacquelinef143

5. A basket full of happiness


Source: Instagram/jacquelinef143

6. Celebrating festivals together


Source: Instagram/jacquelinef143

7. Even making it to the magazine features


Source: Instagram/jacquelinef143

8. When you need some serious work-out inspiration


Source: Instagram/jacquelinef143

9. When your cat represents all other animals


Source: Instagram/jacquelinef143

10. Protecting her from all that is bad 


Source: Instagram/jacquelinef143



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