You Can Be a Naga Princess Too! Here’s How.

Fashion Meets Tradition

Fashion designer Anupama Dayal has been known for her vibrant colors and artistic portrayal of feelings in her designs and once again she lays forward her respect for legacy and culture. This time, it is the Naga heritage!

At Amazon India Fashion Week (AIFW) Autumn/Winter ’16, Anupama showcased her collection “Fight and Feast” inspired by the traditions of Nagaland.  The untold story of the mystic land, which has been kept inside a shell for ages, has been very well narrated in Anupamaa.


The tale behind the collection

With a quest and zeal to explore the culturally rich tribe of North-east India, Anupama visited Nagaland a few months ago and fell in love with its intrinsic beauty and the people. In no time, she became friends with the members of the Naga tribe and was living like one of them. Anupama tried her taste buds on the unique food elements of the tribe like bees, hornets and the ‘hot’ Naga chilly.

Another thing that Anupama found fascinating is the traditional head hunting tattoo. Commonly practiced in the 20th century and still might be, the head hunter used to get tattooed after every successful head hunting trip.

But the most mesmerizing feature of Anupama’s Naga expedition was a chest of treasured textile, jewellery, basketry and weaponry, which she applied to her collection “Fight and Feast”.

What’s in the Naga shelf of Anupamaa

Anupamaa’s “Fight and Feast” line is a blend of all the rudiments of Nagaland.

Nagas love distinctive colours like red, black and white as is evident in their shawls and headgear. Anupama has beautifully used these colours in her collection and has also added a tinge of ultra marine blue which she spotted on the Rengma costume. A bit of tangerine and a spicy green completed the colour palette for her collection.

The Anupamaa woman for “Fight and Feast” is the fierce warrior who lives inside every contemporary woman. She is tough, courageous, fights for her rights and has zero tolerance towards injustice. But at the same time she is well-connected to her roots and honours ancient wisdom.

The collection designed for this Anupamaa woman is centered on the concept of ‘compositions’. Each garment can be worn separately, mix-matched with others from the collection or combined with any trendy pick. The jewellery and scarves compliment the exuberant nature of the collection.

A collection with so much of depth and passion, I’m sure every girl would want to be an Anupamaa woman. Way to go Naga princess!

Contact Anupamaa here for further information.


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