Dia Mirza’s Save Water Appeal Gets Misconstrued

We’re not talking about the classic “think and speak” case, but about the next level where even after thinking and saying right things can cause damage, not just to one’s image but to the environment. Yes, our pretty girl Dia Mirza – who feels for different causes – recently took to social media to make an earnest appeal to people about saving water and got trolled by some fools on Twitter. Some posted old photos of her playing Holi, while someone posted an old video of her from a music album where she is seen washing a car.


The Bollywood beauty expressed the irony of how we’re celebrating Holi by wasting water while farmers are committing suicide due to drought.

“The irony of the times we live in: farmers commit suicide due to drought and people waste water to ‘play’ #Holi. Go ahead call me anti-Hindu.” – @deespeak

Later, the actress posted a statement on her Facebook page sharing the stats on the drought situation while also acknowledging the fact that we all learn and make kinder choices. In her own words, says Dia “I too have the continuous opportunity to grow and make more informed and responsible choices in all spheres of life.”

We totally agree with you, Dia! All that we can say is…haters are gonna hate, but you gotta do your job. And we LOVE you for all that you do to help charities.

Not far behind are other Bollywood beauties – Athiya Shetty and Sunny Leone – who are sharing tips from PETA on taking care of animals during Holi.


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