Kapil Sharma is Back to Tickle Your Funny Bone

He never gave us a dull moment then and he promises to make it bigger and better now. Yes, it’s the return of Kapil Sharma on television with his new show called The Kapil Sharma Show.

Kapil will be joined by the rest of the cast of his previous show Comedy Nights With Kapil except Pinky Bua who continues to be a part of Comedy Nights Live on Colors TV.

Revealing the set on Twitter, Kapil has just sent his fans into a frenzy.

CewQvb0W4AEB6WD.jpg large

Source: Twitter/@KapilSharmaK9

Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan has shot for the first episode and this news makes it even more exciting. There’s a lot of surprise in store for the fans who cannot hold their excitement any more. People are posting photos from the set and we don’t blame them for doing this, after all they’ve been waiting for a long time now.

Starting from April 23, The Kapil Sharma Show will air on Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm on Sony TV.


Want to Be a #Fashionista? Instagram Teaches You How to be One

Top 10 Fashion Handles on Instagram Will Help You Re-define Your Wardrobe

Dressing up in style is an art of creative minds and free souls. It is the heart of fashion, the way to finding your true self.  Don’t just wear clothes, wear your confidence… and you don’t need a stylist for that!

Instagram can be your new stylist!

Social media has brought the world closer and definitely the fashion world into our closet. The popular Instagram unleashes latest trends and tips by fashion bloggers, magazines and sole individuals from around the globe. With just a click of the finger, you can sit on the fashion throne like a queen or a king.

We bring to you these 10 eye-popping handles on Instagram that you can’t miss if you truly love fashion:

  1. Vogue


  1. Fashion Nova


  1. songofstyle

Song of Style

  1. Harper’s Bazaar

Harpers Bazaar US

  1. Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair

  1. Who What Wear

Who What Wear

  1. Elle

Elle USA

  1. InStyle


  1. Glamour Magazine

Glamour Mag

  1. stylepheed



Jacqueline Fernandez Gives Us Some Serious Cat-titude Goals

Here’s Why We Think They’re Claw-some

OK! Enough of those puns. We can go on and on about them and we’re pretty sure you would too, when you see Miu Miu. Yes, that’s the name of Jacqueline’s cat and she is simply adorable.

An ardent animal lover and staunch PETA supporter, Jacqueline posts Miu Miu’s photos on her social networking pages, making her just as popular. Well, all we can say is with a companion like that who would not want to post photos, take selfies or even create Dubsmash videos.

Quick look at how Jacqueline’s day is like when she is with Miu Miu.

  1. When you fall in love

Source: Instagram/jacquelinef143

2. When it is World Animals Day


Source: Instagram/jacquelinef143

3. Reason you come back home


Source: Instagram/jacquelinef143

4. A Dubsmash video to cheer your friend


Source: Instagram/jacquelinef143

5. A basket full of happiness


Source: Instagram/jacquelinef143

6. Celebrating festivals together


Source: Instagram/jacquelinef143

7. Even making it to the magazine features


Source: Instagram/jacquelinef143

8. When you need some serious work-out inspiration


Source: Instagram/jacquelinef143

9. When your cat represents all other animals


Source: Instagram/jacquelinef143

10. Protecting her from all that is bad 


Source: Instagram/jacquelinef143


With Virat Kohli’s Master 82, India Makes Its Way into the Semis

A Nail Biting Match That Brought the Nation Tears of Joy


Last night’s World T20 cricket match in Mohali made history in its own way with the mind-blowing six-wicket victory of India over Australia. And the man behind the unexpected win was the magnificent Virat Kohli!

In the last couple of years, Kohli has stood out as the knight in the shining armor when India has had a crisis like situation. He has undoubtedly delivered victorious runs for the country and followed the footsteps of his idol Sachin Tendulkar.

This time too, Kohli fearlessly delivered a smashing 82, not out, from 51 balls with nine fours and two sixes. His performance has proved that hope lies even in the darkest of hours.

When Australia made a score of 160 for 6, a possibility of India’s win was there. But the poor start of India on the batting forum left everyone disheartened until Kohli pulled out his magic wand. With the unfortunate wickets of Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma and Suresh Raina by the 8th over, it seemed that Yuvraj Singh and Kohli would together beat the odds. Suddenly a twist came when Yuvraj sprained his ankle and had to struggle to pick up twos. In the 14th over, India was at 94 for 4 and required 67 runs from 36 balls.

After Yuvraj’s wicket, Kohli lifted the game and the spirit with captain MS Dhoni’s partnership. Both swung their bats with back-to-back fours and a six in the last three overs and the table turned to India’s side.

The last ball was breathtaking and I am not sure how many heart attacks it might have led to. India needed 4 runs in 6 balls and just then Dhoni hit a winning four that got the team, the crowd and the nation to dance and jump in celebration.

Social media was flooded with praises for our hero Virat Kohli. In his own words, an emotional Kohli described his unbeaten, match-winning and World T20 semi-final spot as his best innings in the format.

We are emotional too, Virat! You have brought the nation pride and here’s to many more triumphs!

Watch out for India vs West Indies match at 7.00 pm on 31st March at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai.

Keeping fingers crossed!

Just In: Amitabh Bachchan and Kangana Ranaut Win National Film Awards

While India is still celebrating yesterday’s win opposite team Australia at T20 World Cup match, here’s another reason to keep the celebrations going. The 63rd National Awards for films were announced today and ace actors Amitabh Bachchan and Kangana Ranaut have taken the top honours by winning the awards for their films Piku and Tanu Weds Manu Returns, respectively.

While Mr. Bachchan impressed the audience with his impeccable acting in Piku, Kangana was not far behind with her dual avatars in Tanu Weds Manu Returns.

Other winners are Baahubali – The Beginning for Best Film and Sanjay Leela Bhansali as Best Director for Bajirao Mastani.

You Can Be a Naga Princess Too! Here’s How.

Fashion Meets Tradition

Fashion designer Anupama Dayal has been known for her vibrant colors and artistic portrayal of feelings in her designs and once again she lays forward her respect for legacy and culture. This time, it is the Naga heritage!

At Amazon India Fashion Week (AIFW) Autumn/Winter ’16, Anupama showcased her collection “Fight and Feast” inspired by the traditions of Nagaland.  The untold story of the mystic land, which has been kept inside a shell for ages, has been very well narrated in Anupamaa.


The tale behind the collection

With a quest and zeal to explore the culturally rich tribe of North-east India, Anupama visited Nagaland a few months ago and fell in love with its intrinsic beauty and the people. In no time, she became friends with the members of the Naga tribe and was living like one of them. Anupama tried her taste buds on the unique food elements of the tribe like bees, hornets and the ‘hot’ Naga chilly.

Another thing that Anupama found fascinating is the traditional head hunting tattoo. Commonly practiced in the 20th century and still might be, the head hunter used to get tattooed after every successful head hunting trip.

But the most mesmerizing feature of Anupama’s Naga expedition was a chest of treasured textile, jewellery, basketry and weaponry, which she applied to her collection “Fight and Feast”.

What’s in the Naga shelf of Anupamaa

Anupamaa’s “Fight and Feast” line is a blend of all the rudiments of Nagaland.

Nagas love distinctive colours like red, black and white as is evident in their shawls and headgear. Anupama has beautifully used these colours in her collection and has also added a tinge of ultra marine blue which she spotted on the Rengma costume. A bit of tangerine and a spicy green completed the colour palette for her collection.

The Anupamaa woman for “Fight and Feast” is the fierce warrior who lives inside every contemporary woman. She is tough, courageous, fights for her rights and has zero tolerance towards injustice. But at the same time she is well-connected to her roots and honours ancient wisdom.

The collection designed for this Anupamaa woman is centered on the concept of ‘compositions’. Each garment can be worn separately, mix-matched with others from the collection or combined with any trendy pick. The jewellery and scarves compliment the exuberant nature of the collection.

A collection with so much of depth and passion, I’m sure every girl would want to be an Anupamaa woman. Way to go Naga princess!

Contact Anupamaa here for further information.

Cabaret Presents Richa Chadha As Never Seen Before

The teaser of Pooja Bhatt’s next film Cabaret is just out and jaws have started dropping already for the siren Richa Chadha.


When the audience was starting to classify her under the category of serious actor doing mostly realistic cinema, Richa does what she is best known for doing – surprise the audience with her talent. This India’s answer to Salma Hayek has just gone bold and ultra-glamorous with her stylised-looks and sexy avatar for this film!

Check out the teaser:

Her last release Masaan catapulted the actress at a position which usually takes years and many films for most actors to reach. Richa is now experimenting with a bold look and from what one can see in the teaser the sensual scenes and the hip-shaking dance moves, it already looks like a winner!

A lot of credit goes to film-maker Pooja Bhatt, who had the foresight to see the leggy-lass in this character, while the world was expecting more of Devi Pathak and Nagma Khatoon. Her chemistry with actor Gulshan Devaiah is also to look out for.

The film releases on 6 May 2016.


Fawad March!

I couldn’t think of a better title than this one and you may not find it punny enough but I feel March belongs to the charming actor Fawad Khan. Khoobsurat didn’t do much justice to this suave gentleman where he had a custom made character of a prince-charming but he is a revelation in the just released Kapoor & Sons (Since 1921).


He plays the ‘London-return guy’ character perfect to the T. With his chic-styling and the way he carries himself throughout the film, this actor has put himself in the mould of the character beautifully. While Sidharth Malhotra and Alia Bhatt are undoubtedly great in this film, Fawad comes as a surprise element, standing strong in front of the other amazingly talented actors – Rishi Kapoor, Rajat Kapoor and Ratna Pathak Shah.

Karan Johar has definitely struck gold with this new finding. We’re sure he has already turned into a lucky charm for Karan, as he also stars in his next film Ae Dil Hai Mushkil with other biggies – Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Ranbir Kapoor and Anushka Sharma. The film already has a casting coop of sorts with all the dishy stars together who will set the big screen ablaze. What we can’t wait to see is how delicious these couples will look in the film.

Fawad Khan is one star to look out for. With so many girls already crushing on this actor, we wait to see what he has in store for his fans with his next release.



The Islamic State of Terror

No religion preaches terror, then why do (in)humans practice it?

Even God must be shocked to see the brutal torture that the so called ‘God’s people’, better known as terrorists, have forced into our lives. The brutality has gone to such an extent that very soon it will be difficult to identify the red planet, whether it is Mars or the bloodied Earth.

Nowadays, I feel scared to read the newspaper or switch on the TV, fearing a new terror attack in some part of the world. Terror is no more restricted to a particular region, it has spread all over the planet.


Brussels under attack

Belgium’s capital Brussels, which is known for its 17th century guild houses and intrinsic gothic history, has made to the news headlines for an unfortunate happening. March 22 was just another normal day before abnormalities shattered the peace-loving city. Bomb blasts thrashed Brussels international airport and the city’s Maelbeek metro station which led to the death of more than 30 innocent people and hundreds were injured. Within minutes of serial attacks, the beauty of the city was brought down to blood stains and tears.

Two suicide bombers, who are believed to be dead at the explosions in Zaventem airport, have been identified as Khalid and Brahim el-Bakraoui and the third suspect, Najim Laachraoui is on the run. The Islamic State (IS) group took responsibility for the attacks in a statement issued on the IS-linked Amaq agency.

Terror takes a toll on the rest of the world too

Few months ago, Paris was enslaved to terror with the death hundreds of people in a series of terrorist attacks. More than a decade ago, the US was shaken by terrorists at the 9/11 attacks.

Countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and even India among other countries witness terror attacks every now and then. It is sad that the sound of a bomb blast has become very common in these countries.

The search for humanity

Where is humanity hiding or has it really sunk deep into the center of the planet? Or do we ‘humans’ need to start learning from animals on how to live in harmony? Animals don’t have any religion; they are far more in serenity.

But is it really the fault of religion? Religion was introduced into this world with the purpose of maintaining a system of what’s right and what’s wrong. But over the eras, a bunch of cowards have ‘intentionally’ misinterpreted the teachings of religion and in the name of God, they have tried to empower themselves by spreading terror.

But a ray of hope lives on! That day is not far away when a dream will come true and humanity will conquer terror.

Dia Mirza’s Save Water Appeal Gets Misconstrued

We’re not talking about the classic “think and speak” case, but about the next level where even after thinking and saying right things can cause damage, not just to one’s image but to the environment. Yes, our pretty girl Dia Mirza – who feels for different causes – recently took to social media to make an earnest appeal to people about saving water and got trolled by some fools on Twitter. Some posted old photos of her playing Holi, while someone posted an old video of her from a music album where she is seen washing a car.


The Bollywood beauty expressed the irony of how we’re celebrating Holi by wasting water while farmers are committing suicide due to drought.

“The irony of the times we live in: farmers commit suicide due to drought and people waste water to ‘play’ #Holi. Go ahead call me anti-Hindu.” – @deespeak

Later, the actress posted a statement on her Facebook page sharing the stats on the drought situation while also acknowledging the fact that we all learn and make kinder choices. In her own words, says Dia “I too have the continuous opportunity to grow and make more informed and responsible choices in all spheres of life.”

We totally agree with you, Dia! All that we can say is…haters are gonna hate, but you gotta do your job. And we LOVE you for all that you do to help charities.

Not far behind are other Bollywood beauties – Athiya Shetty and Sunny Leone – who are sharing tips from PETA on taking care of animals during Holi.